What are the costs of a padel court from PADEL MATE?

padel court cost

Do you want to build a padel court for your sports club, event location, business park or backyard together with PADEL MATE? With the padel courts from PADEL MATE you are assured of quality courts that are completely safe. But what are the costs of a padel court? Below we answer the question ‘what does a padel court cost’ and tell you more about our courts.

The costs of a padel court

The costs for building a padel court depend on the wishes, such as the model, the equipment, and the order quantity. With the costs of a padel court we look at the foundation, the artificial grass, the cage, the glass, and the lighting around the court. We are happy to discuss the possibilities and answer your question: “what does a padel court cost?” 

How much does a padel course cost? 

To give an indication of the costs for an average panoramic court, such as the Mate WPT Premium padel court, you should think of a price around € 39.500 euros excluding VAT (2021). The cost of a padel court can be higher or lower, depending on the location. Building a padel court requires extensive knowledge. Therefore, always choose a recognized company with experience in the industry, such as PADEL MATE.

Padel court costs: the maintenance  

Our padel courts are developed from the best materials, such as galvanized steel. Coating ensures that the track can withstand extreme weather conditions. This makes the product very strong! Of course, padel courts need maintenance every now and then. A well-maintained padel court ensures a longer lifespan and pleasant playing conditions for the padel players. Depending on the type of padel court chosen, the maintenance, and therefore the cost of a padel court varies.

When building a padel court, it is advisable to clean the glass walls once a month and sweep the artificial grass once a week. In addition, have thorough maintenance carried out once every six months to remove algae and moss from the track. If you let us manage your padel court, we can arrange this for you and prepare a price with maintenance included. This way you always have a good insight into the costs of your padel court!

The padel courts from PADEL MATE

With PADEL MATE you can build a padel court or rent a padel court with the option to buy the court in the long or short term. The costs of a padel court are therefore very diverse. To meet the growing demand for padel in the Netherlands, PADEL MATE has several courts in its range, such as an entry-level model (Mate Comfort Pro), an official competition court (Mate WPT Premium) and a mobile padel court (Mate Mobile), which can be rented for an event.

We can also offer the possibility to completely adapt every padel court to your wishes. The padel courts from PADEL MATE are made of the highest quality materials and are played by beginners, advanced and pros! Ask us about the costs of a padel court.

Padel, the fastest growing sport in the Netherlands 

Are you thinking about having a padel court built for your sports club or association? Then it is important to have insight into the costs of a padel court, but also to be aware of recent developments around padel in the Netherlands. Padel is becoming increasingly popular in the Netherlands and Belgium. There are currently more than 1,000 padel courts in the Netherlands at 200 different locations. Padel is a very social sport and accessible for all ages and levels. PADEL MATE is specialized in building padel courts, so you’ll have a great addition to your association or sports club!


Not only the costs of a padel court are important, but also the people behind the courts. Who is PADEL MATE, expert in building padel courts? PADEL MATE is your padel partner in building, renting, or managing padel courts. As an importer, distributor, and operator of padel courts, we make padel possible for everyone in the Netherlands, at any desired location! Our padel courts are available both fixed and mobile. We install the entire track, including the cage around the field and the layout. We are happy to tell you more about the costs of a padel court.

We also offer custom made padel courts in addition to our extensive range. These padel courts are completely designed according to your wishes and the technical specifications of the International Padel Federation. The courts therefore comply with the regulations for sports facilities. We have over 15 years of experience as a main supplier in padel. This means you can rely on the quality, design, and durability of our padel courts.

More information?

Inform about the possibilities for constructing a custom padel court. Curious about the exact costs of the padel court of your dreams? Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions about our padel courts, costs, or services. We are happy to help you answer your question: ‘how much does a padel court cost?’

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