Build or rent a padel court? Everything you need to know

Build a padel court

The sport padel is becoming more and more popular in the Netherlands and all over Europa. PADEL MATE builds padel courts with sports clubs, associations, municipalities, event locations and business parks. As an importer, distributor, and co-operator, we build padel courts in an expert manner together with the customer. Below you can read all about our courts, how we work and which building regulations are involved in building a padel court.

Why padel?

Padel is the second most popular sport in Spain after football. There, the racket sport is already played on almost every street corner. Padel is a social and accessible sport for all ages and levels. The sport requires less skills than tennis, while it is still an intensive sport. With padel there is no need to serve quickly or make many sprints and sudden stops. We have brought our expertise from Spain to the Netherlands and specialize in building a padel court through intensive cooperation with our manufacturer.

Our goal is to introduce the Netherlands to padel by developing and importing the original courts from Spain by authentic padel engineers. They are widely praised for their innovations and quality! With a padel court, you can respond to the new developments surrounding the popularity of padel. You can choose to install padel for several fixed years.

Our padel courts

At PADEL MATE you can choose to build a padel court, rent a padel court or have a padel court managed by us. Also, you have the option to buy the padel court in the short or long term. Discover our services. Whether you are looking for an entry-level model, an official competition court or a temporary mobile padel court to rent, we think along and facilitate all the necessities! Therefore, we will provide you with excellent advice and information about the possibilities surrounding a padel court.

The classic one: the Mate Comfort Pro

Our Mate Comfort Pro is the perfect padel court for both beginners and advanced players. Due to the high quality of this court, the padel court is resistant to all weather conditions! In addition, the court has a self-supporting structure, allowing easy installation and future relocation. The court is designed for (sports) clubs that want to provide the best facilities. We can build the padel court for you.

The favourite: the Mate WPT Premium

Build an excellent padel court? The Mate WPT Premium is our favourite padel court and has been specially designed for the World Padel Tour (2014, 2015 and 2017). The court features full panoramic side and walls made of toughened safety glass. The construction is 100% safe (tempered glass). The Mate WPT Premium is our pride and joy and gives spectators a great view of the players. Highly recommended if you want to build a padel court!

The mobile padel court: the Mate Mobile

With the Mate Mobile you can play padel anywhere and anytime in the Netherlands. The mobile padel court is perfect for event organizers, but also for municipalities, locations with sports facilities and private individuals. It is possible to temporarily rent this mobile padel court if, for example, you want to introduce padel visitors to an event. The Mate Mobile includes continuous side glass, and the frame is adjusted to limit any bad rebounds from the ball and prevents injuries to the player.

The procedure of building a padel court

Padel Mate builds padel courts and takes care of the finishing and other furnishings, both fixed and mobile. We provide a glass padel cage with 10 mm and 12 mm toughened safety glass. We build a padel court in an expert manner, so that you have a great addition to your sports club! We are specialists in building padel courts.

And the costs for building a padel court? To give an indication of the costs for an average panoramic padel court, such as the Mate WPT Premium padel court, you should think of a price around € 39.500 euros excluding VAT (2021). This is about £ 33.6303 British pounds. The cost of a padel court can be higher or lower, depending on the location. Building a padel court requires extensive knowledge. Therefore, always choose a recognized company with experience in the industry, such as PADEL MATE!

The benefits of creating a padel court

  • Attract new members.
  • Accessible sport for all ages.
  • Differentiation for (sports) club.
  • Expansion of sports offer.
  • New tournament options.
  • All year round.
  • Little maintenance.
  • Future proof.

Why choose PADEL MATE for building a padel court?  

If you want to buy a padel court, you naturally want to have this done by an expert. The reasons for choosing PADEL MATE when building a padel court:

  • Entirely Original WPT – according to the FEP Spanish development.
  • Professional and expert advice.
  • Padel courts with padel cage and other equipment.
  • High-quality materials and skilled track builders – according to WPT Circuit guidelines.

The building regulations for a padel court

Everyone who plays padel naturally wants to play the sport on high-quality and safe padel courts. Every association or owner wants to be able to offer its members this quality. Assurance of quality can be salvaged by working on the standards, guidelines, processes, and structural inspection. If you choose to collaborate with PADEL MATE when building a padel court, you are assured that the quality of the delivered products meets the requirements of the NOC*NSF. This is a Dutch sports organization with the aim of promoting sports in the Netherlands.

The building decrees

In addition to the NOC*NSF Quality Assurance System and the inspection obligation, the association or owner must always comply with the Building Decree, because a padel court is designated as a construction. Padel courts are seen as a free-standing wall with turned ends. A reference to NEN-EN 1991 is an important part of the Building Decree, among other things. The contractor’s construction calculations must always comply with the Building Decree. For that reason, an environmental permit must be applied before building a padel court. In many cases it is also necessary to conduct a noise and light nuisance investigation. PADEL MATE can help you with these matters.

A padel court by PADEL MATE?

Do you want to build a padel court or rent a padel court with the help of PADEL MATE? Then contact us quickly. Because we work closely with the manufacturer, we can completely adapt every padel court to your wishes. Our padel courts are made of the best quality and are played by beginners, advanced and pros! Inform about the possibilities concerning a padel court. Feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our padel courts, working methods, services, or regulations. We are happy to help you build or rent a padel court!

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